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  • The Peoples Voice

    Welcome to The Peoples Voice.

    Your Content, Your Message, Your Voice.

    This is a venue where you can spread your message to others in

    the activist community.

    This is a place to gain support for causes that matter.

    This is a way to get people involved with actions and ops.

    This is a platform for activism and serious issues that affect people and the world we live in.

    This is not a platform for shout outs or love lines or self promotion

    please read through the guidelines/recording tips before getting started.

    The entire world is waiting to hear from you.


  • Guidelines

    Due to our storage restrictions, please keep all recordings between 3 minutes and 1 hour in length.

    please save as one of theses file types mp3, mp4, wav.

    send recordings to

    1) Hate speech, racism or bigotry of ANY kind will not be allowed.

    2) Personal attacks or defamation of others is not allowed.

    3) We will not play anything promoting ANY religion or religious beliefs.

    4) We will not play anything with a message of division among the people.

    5) We can not play ANYTHING that is not YOUR ORIGINAL content.

    6) We will not play anything promoting any political party or candidate.

    7) We will not play anything promoting any business ventures.

    8) We will not play anything that is promoting violation of others rights.

    We reserve the right to refuse any content.

    Recordings will be posted for 30 days by default if longer is needed  just let us know.

    If you have any questions or concerns please contact

  • Recording Tips

    Feel free to use your voice... bot voices will be accepted as well.

    1) Try to find the most quiet place possible to eliminate background noise

    2) If possible use headphones when recording.

    3) Try not to have long gaps of dead air

    4) Speak clearly and at a steady pace not too fast.


    there are free options for simple recording software.

    If you use a Mac Garage Band works great